ELBA PFPE 2 is a per fluorinated polyether (PFPE) based lubricating grease created for use in severe operating conditions caused by high temperature or aggressive chemical environments.
This long-life lubricant has excellent rust inhibiting, corrosion protection and solvent washout resistant properties.
ELBA PEPE 2 meets USDA 1998 (H1) guidelines (lubricants with incidental food contact).ELBA PEPE 2 is ideal for use in bearings, conveyors and pumps subject to aggressive chemicals or heat. It is recommended for drying ovens, shrink wrap tunnels, oven chains and other high temperature applications found in food manufacturing.
ELBA PEPE 2 is generally regarded as neutral towards most elastomers and plastics (exception: perfluorinated rubber), however, we recommend testing compatibility with the material to be used prior to application.