Elba Lubrication Inc. Handle Your Product Needs?

We have various programs that will make it easy for you to maintain the quality of your lubricants on a larger scale at a competitive price.
The manufacturing facility can blend and fill quart, gallon, pail, drum and bulk fluid lubricants blended to meet your specifications.
As we are specialized in Greases for critical application - we have the answers to your private labeling.


The Benefits of Private Labeling are Innumerable For Your Company

The Value..

  • Compliment your current products with a line of Heavy Duty and Industrial lubricants
  • Reinforce your corporate identity throughout your marketing area with brand recognition
  • Expand your brand awareness and solidify a market share in your territory
  • Produce exciting new revenue opportunities
  • Control of your product


Corporate Identity

  • Escalate your corporate image by expanding your overall product offering
  • Incorporate and expand current corporate objectives by growing additional revenue
  • Increase overall market share with additional quality products