Elbalub 451,452 Grease is high-viscosity base oil, lithium complex grease designed for the heavy-duty applications found in the construction and mining industry, as well as Cement, trucking and farming applications. Elbalub 451,452 Grease is heavy-duty grease offering high load capability, primarily due to containing high load base oil and synergistic combination of high quality additives. This grease also contains a tackiness additive to enhance retention on lubricant parts. In addition, it offers excellent structural and oxidation stability and high resistance to water washout.
Elbalub 451,452 Grease can be used wherever lithium greases are recommended or preferred, such as in suspension systems, wheel bearings, universal joints, ball joints and anti- friction plain bearings. Also, is well suited for multipurpose lubricant applications in the pulp and paper mill industry, such as paper machine wet ends, felt roll bearings and couplings and press sections.