ELBALUBES EP Synthetic gear oil is engineered for all kinds of industrial enclosed gearing, and plain or rolling element bearing requiring an EP gear oil. GearSyn EP exhibits superb oxidation and thermal stability along with excellent low temperature performance across a wide range of application. Under these various temperatures, protection is not jeopardized by varying load and speed conditions. GearSyn EP oil is formulated with outstanding extreme pressure (EP) additives to provide a layer of protection for shock loading. It is especially useful where micropitting of gear teeth has been a problem. Its low frication tendencies produce lower operating temperatures and increased gear efficiency providing an opportunity to reduce operating costs. GearSyn EP incorporates an effective demulsifier to rapidly separate water from the oil so that the water can be drained off. This limits the risk of foaming and maintains oil film integrity, as well as reducing the chance of corrosion and premature oxidation.