ELBALUBES D5 diesel engine oil has been designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of API Service Category CJ-4 used in 2007 and later model diesel engines running primarily on ultra-low sulfur fuel and equipped with after treatment devices. ELBALUBES D5 synthetic blend technology is a high performance; partial synthetic engine oil designed to provide maximum engine protection and extended service capability. ELBALUBES D5 is technologically- advanced heavy-duty diesel engine oil, designed to provide extra protection against deposits and wear for engines operating in heavy duty service. ELBALUBES D5 is recommended for diesel engines requiring an engine oil meeting API Service Categories CJ-4, CI-4+, CI-4, CH-4 and CF. It is also suitable for modern gasoline engines requiring API SM oil as well as older gasoline engines requiring SL and SJ. Having passed all tests on the first run, ELBALUBES D5 meets the requirements for ACEA E9 and ACEA E7; Cat ECF-2 and ECF-3; Cummins 20081; DDC 93K218; DDC 93K215; DDC 93K214; Mack EO-O Premium Plus ‘07; Mack EO-N Premium Plus '03; Mack EO-M Plus; MAN 3275; Mercedes Benz MB p228.3 or p228.31; Renault RLD-3; Volvo VDS-4 and VDS-3.