Elba Lubrication Inc., USA has been created by a group of enthusiastic people who have been working for major oil companies for many years. More and more they didn't feel comfortable with the culture within these companies; slow, large and very impersonal. During the last couple of years major merges between oil companies have made things even worse. Very often the contact with the customer appears to be little or even doesn't exist. These large oil companies reduced their R&D facilities to a minimum which have resulted in no further development of products and applications.

At Elba Lubrication our focus is on building the highest quality lubricants and backing it up with uncompromising customer and technical services.  We are recognized as one of the best leader in synthetic lubricant and our product of over 540 products can service almost any industrial application.

Along with finding solutions to unique lubrication problems, our research staff is constantly evaluating the latest base stock and additive technology to provide our customers with the best lubricants on the market. We have the flexibility to choose from the entire range of high-quality base stocks available to formulate the best lubricant for each application. Elba's commitment to an ongoing research and development program keeps its products on the leading edge of lubrication technology.

We are leading manufacturer, formulator and packager of a complete line of Specialty Lubricants/Food Grade lubricants for a wide range of industries. We market our brand of Elba Lubes through a worldwide network of Industrial distributors. We utilize the latest in lubricant technologies. Our products have the reputation of being problem solvers, as they are known to handle the most extreme lubricating conditions. Depending on your requirements we can draw from our extensive catalog of stock products, or we can develop a custom formulation that specifically meets your needs. Our lubricants are available in a wide array of container sizes or we can offer custom packaging.

Elba lubrication Inc, sincerely focus on our business, extending our presence worldwide and meeting the demands of our customers – no matter what the business of our customers is. More than 75 % of our turnover is attained outside USA.

Elba specialty oil and greases are used in Industry and different mechanical parts such i.e

  • Linear guides
  • Screws
  • Sintered-metal plain bearings
  • Rolling bearings
  • Gear rim and pinion drives
  • Valves and fittings
  • Springs
  • Gears
  • Plain bearings
  • Chains
  • Compressors

Food Grade Lubricants, we offer wide range of Greases and Oils with NSF h1 approvals. Contact Elba Lubes.
NSF Registered Food-Grade Lubricants and there Benefits:-
Many modern products have functional properties, such as being formulated for use in difficult environments (high temperatures, steamy or moist processing areas, in the presence of organic matter) and good products last for longer run times and have a longer shelf life.
Registered food-grade products offer an effective and straightforward approach to risk mitigation
Many lubricant formulators specialize in developing food-grade products for their customers’ specific equipment needs
Food-grade products provide a reliable prerequisite approach to complement HACCP plans and provide a path toward compliance with Global Food Safety Initiative benchmarked standards
International acceptance of H1 registration promotes industry standards and lowers barriers to international trade.

Today’s high-performance lubricants are precision formulated in a way that goes well beyond just safety in food-contact situations. They play a small but important role in helping processors address wider issues, such as allergen and microbial Contamination control. This is because their allergen-free ingredients and additives inhibit growth of microbial organisms and thus contribute to longer shelf life. This is a useful function in certain environments – where there is steam or moisture, for instance, or the area is difficult to clean. However, it is important to note that registration does not always guarantee allergen claims. The NSF registration process verifies label claims but does not specifically analyse for allergens. Registration of lubricant ingredients provides important traceability evidence. Using registered products can even play a part in workforce management, as many reputable manufacturers provide well-constructed programs of training and support for maintenance