Obtaining optimum Extreme Pressure (EP) performance without sacrificing efficiency or cleanliness is a delicate balancing act for gear oil additives. The additive chosen needs to be carefully designed for the extreme nature of the varied industrial applications. This allows for acceptable gear oil life to ensure maximum production and reduced downtime. Industrial gearboxes operate in different environments. As a result, the oil may be exposed to variations of extreme temperatures, loads and contaminants. ELBA GEAR OIL ADDITIVE PACKAGE has been formulated specifically to meet those challenges. Formulations containing ELBA GEAR OIL ADDITIVE PACKAGE maintain a high level of cleanliness helping to protect gear components. ELBA GEAR OIL ADDITIVE PACKAGE is also thermally very stable to maintain performance in the toughest applications and environments. In addition, the excellent EP performance of ELBAGEAR OIL is maintained across a broad range of viscosity grades providing the right balance of efficiency and durability for optimum performance.