ELBA FG ELITE SERIES (FOOD GRADE) Elba FG Elite Series lubricants are specially designed for rotary screw, vane, reciprocating air compressors and vacuum pumps used in the food service industry. These lubricants use 100% multisynthetic base oils in combination with performance driven additives to offer extended lubricant life. Field tests have shown these lubricants will last between 8,000 and 10,000 hours depending on operating conditions. In addition, this innovative chemistry offers increased solvency, which significantly reduces deposit and sludge formation. ELBA FG Elite Series lubricants offer superior protection against rust, wear and corrosion.
ELBA FG Elite Series lubricants meet USDA 1998 (H1) guidelines (Lubricants with incidental food contact) and are manufactured in an ISO 21469 certified facility.