Welcome to the World of Tribology, Special Lubricants for Textile, Cement, Food, Beverages and Automotive Industries.  

 Elba Lubrication is a young and dynamic company based in New York, USA, which produces and markets specialty lubricants and greases. We work hard to give our customers direct personal attention and focus.

Elba Lubrication has been created by a group of highly experienced professionals who have worked for major oil companies for many decades. They all believe in providing customers with a high quality of personalized services while making them feel comfortable.    During the last couple of years, major merges between oil companies have made things even more impersonal and non-existent. Many large oil companies have reduced their R&D facilities to a minimum, resulting in very little further development of products and applications.

Elba Lubrication  is a company where the customer is considered a valuable part of our business. Our communication lines are very short, and we place a great deal of effort in offering high performance products using the latest available technology and materials.